The Artist

img188Bettina Lesieur is a Massachusetts native who resides an displays her paintings at her gallery in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Her style is characterized as traditional, her medium oils. Featured in the gallery display is an impressive variety of landscapes, seascapes, etc., some inspired by her travels through the very countryside of Europe made famous by the work of old masters, themselves. You can also see an array of South Shore, Cape Cod and the Islands scenes as well, which easily explains the gathering of interest of Bettina’s work amongst art enthusiasts of a widening area. Her increasing awards at several prestigious juried exhibits has attracted numerous commissions from both private and corporate sectors. Bettina’s inherent talent has played a significant role in her considerable progress in painting since she had the distinct advantage of having both parents themselves, involved in artistic careers. They were both graduates of the Vesper George School of Art and were students of the late Henry Hensche. Her mother, the late Maria Lesieur, majored in fashion design and illustration while enjoying much success with watercolor and oil as an impressionist. This was finally capped by several years spent as an instructor at the School of Fashion Design in Boston. Her father, the late Robert Lesieur, began his career with commercial art, and for some forty years as a free-lancer, he spent servicing some of Boston’s prominent ad agencies as well as direct client activity. He was also an instructor at Boston University in the field of Commercial Design. In recent years, he had returned to his first love, that of painting watercolors, pastels, and various treatments in black and white and had been active in exhibiting his work in the Boston area.

Artist Statement

bettinaMy painting process is intuitive and from the heart, as I have no formal training per se. However, both my parents, having been both respected artists in their own right fueled my passion for art. I am very connected with nature, intrigued and very aware of my environment, which is my main source of inspiration. Whether in my garden, during my global travels, or the south shore coastal area where I live, I am continually inspired to paint by the wonder of the world around me. I paint what I see and am fascinated with color, form, texture-the play of light and shadow on almost anything-the randomness nature possesses. Capturing the essence of my subject is my goal, achieving this feeds my soul and stimulates all of my senses. Stirring another’s spirit is the ultimate of satisfaction, with each painting having it’s own message, speaking to the viewer who is impassioned by their own interpretation of my work. Once we are no longer on this earth, we leave in our wake a trail. With my art, I hope to leave such a trail-having created a continual source of pleasure, a sense of calm, the endless power to evoke feelings with the passage of time.